'I'm so pleased that things do go well sometimes and it is through the excellent support from you and your team. It is really nice for me to have good news and that this placement is going to be a success...…Can you say a big thank you to the team for supporting -- so well along with not doubt supporting his parents as well.'

Social Care Support Officer


Myself, Sr. Crompton and Sr. Taylor were impressed with the approach from Carly and Natalie. In particular, their willingness to facilitate XX's very best possible healthcare was pleasing and impressive to see.

Consultant Physician & Nephrologist


David and I are grateful and want to thank you for all the help and support you and your staff gave -- and us. We know that in this last year -- was difficult. It was a great help when you put flexibility at the end of shifts. Shared Approach staff showed a great deal of patience and care in dealing with -- and in dealing with me at times.



What an experience he has had, and what a different young man to the one at that first meeting six years ago! Thank you and all your staff for all the hard work that you have put in, to make sure that all our Isle of Man students have has such a fantastic experience.



I would like to comment on how impressed i have been with your team and their care of a patient of mine,--. I have met with Natalie Dearden and Debbie Wilkes. I am impressed by their attention to detail, compassion and passion for their work. They are a real credit to your company and I am sure you are already aware of what a valuable asset they are. We are very grateful for their ongoing input.

Dr Brady - Consultant Physician and Nephrologist