Shared Approach is a company who support the needs of adults with learning disabilities. We can support most people's needs from the age of eighteen onwards. We help people with additional needs including physical disabilities, sensory disabilities and / or behaviours that present challenges.

Our company believes in giving people who use our service the respect and dignity they deserve. We encourage people to be as independent as possible even enabling them to move into their own homes if they wish.

How do we do this?

We provide support in all areas of a persons life including health issues, personal care, occupational activities, education, recreation, leisure and holidays. Personal development is also a key aim, we encourage people to make informed choices and develop new skills. We help widen social circles whilst maintaining old friendships.

What about safety?

We ensure that the home environment people live in is safe at all times by providing 24-hour support if necessary with a manager always on call.

Where are we?

We have a large office based in Barnacre in the outskirts of Garstang, Preston in Lancashire a rural area in Wyre, Lancashire. Although we currently support people in homes in the wider area, including Preston.

What about our staff?

We only recruit staff who have a sound values base and an excellent attitude, with a desire to learn and develop. Training is essential, see our page on 'Training & Recruitment'.

How do you find out more?

If you're interested, or just want to find out more, ring our office and ask to speak to a manager about obtaining services. Someone will speak to you informally and in confidence and be happy to answer any of your questions. Then if you're still interested we will arrange a meeting to get things started.

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